Current members aka. Le lemurs


Tung Le | Group leader | Short CV | ORCID | GoogleScholar


Ngat Tran | Postdoc | ORCID


Alejandro Carrion Sanabria | PhD student | ORCID


Kirill Sukhoverkov | Postdoc | ORCID


Oana-Elena Zaharia | Year-in-Industry student 


Thomas McLean | Postdoc | ORCID

Past members

  • Adam SB Jalal | PhD student (now postdoc in Dale Wigley lab at Imperial College London)

  • Ramakrishnan Karunakaran (or Kay Kay) | Research assistant

  • Rebecca Lo | Postdoc (now trainee in the NHS-UK)

  • Giulia Gobbato | Rotation-project student (now PhD student with Charpentier lab-JIC-UK)

  • Roan Hulks | Summer research student (now RA at King's College London)

  • Rosaria Campilongo | Postdoc (now postdoc with Dr. Jacob Malone-JIC)

  • Elena Xiao Tan | Research assistant (now postdoc at Tsinghua University-China)

  • Rory Williams | Year-in-Industry undergraduate student

  • Nicolle Som | Postdoc (now RA with Prof. Mark Webber-QIB)

  • Valeriya Chugaeva | work-exprience student (now MSc student at the Weizmann Institute-Israel)

  • Anyarat Thanapipatsiri | Research assistant (now postdoc at Duke University-USA)